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Cleanozone water purifier was desigened to supply clean and fine drinking water and ozonized sterilizing water simultaneously by the powerful oxidation and sterilization of ozone 



How to use ozone water: it is more effective releasing ozone water and  

   using it for flowing water for 2~3 minutes.  


1. Fruits and vegetables washing.

      It removes various germs, residual agricultural chemicals, and synthetic detergent  to    

      enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. It also removes bacteria and ethylene gas that make fruits

      easily rot, to keep the freshness last for long. 


2. Fish washing

     Washing fish with ozone water removes various germs on fish, maintains thefreshness for 

     long period, especially for raw fish in summer, it kills germs such asvibrio parahaemolyticus, 

     to enjoy germless fresh raw fish. 


3. Sterilizing dishes and kitchenware

      Rinsing with ozone water after washing dishes removes remaining synthetic detergent 

      substance on dishes. Also it sterilizes all the germs on knives, choppingboards, and  

      kitchen towels to create clean kitchen for healthy living.  


 4. Sterilizing baby bottles and baby products 

     Ozone water sterilizes baby products including baby bottles or artificial nipples forbabies. 

     Also rinsing diapers or clothes with ozone water afterlaundry removes residual detergent  

     substance and germs, is good for sanitary health for babies. 


5. All kinds of skin diseases

    Ozone water kills various germs including staphylococcus aureus, and demodexfolliculorum, 

    which cause atopic dermatitis, athlete's foot, eczema,dandruff. Washing the spot of serious  

    athlete's foot for 5 minutes everyday with ozone water is significantly effective for the cure. 

     Rinsing with ozone water after washing hair removes itchiness caused by dandruff.


6. Beauty water

    Ozone water has been known for beauty water, because of its strong sanitation power.  

   There are number of reasons for skin aging and skin trouble, but the major reason is  

   bacteria. Bacteria remains in skin cells that areweakened by cosmetics and chemical  

   substances, which invade into skin, interfere the absorption of nutrients to hinder blood  

   circulation. It causes skin aging and various skin diseases. Washing face with ozone water

   removes bacteria as well as wastesubstances to make skin breathe, and accelerates blood  

  circulation.Also oxygen added by dissolved ozone water penetrates into skin, creates better  

  condition for makeup,improves skin health, and prevents skin aging. 


7. Clean sanitation

    It is good for children to learn a habit of washing hands with ozone water before eating, and  

   also it is an effective way to prevent disease such as cold. Just by keeping hands clean can  

   prevent food poisoning and various epidemic diseases in summer.


8. Elder people

     Elder people are exposed to germs or bacteria because they have weak immunity. Clean  

     water is important to keep health of elder people. Therefore ozone water bath with strong  

     bactericidal ability is recommended, but if having difficulty of bath or shower, ozone water  

     towel bath is equally good. Please use towel after sinking in ozone water. 


9. Bathing for private parts

     Bacteria in women's vajayjay increases mold in women's private part,generates serious  

     odor, and causes various diseases. 

   When abusing cleanser to keep cleanness, it breaks acidity balance inside vajayjay,  

    and is weakened against outside bacteria.But using ozone water for cleansing prevents 

    bacteria, viruses and uteritis, also prevents premature birth,and complications including 

    urethritis, salpingitis,and endometritis. 


10. Oral sanitation and toothbrush sterilization

       Bacteria is in between teeth, some bacteria attacks gums, and causes gumdisease.

     Brushing teeth with ozone water everyday is good for preventing decay of teeth, and  

     gum disease. Ozone reduces gum disease and removes bad breath.Ozone water also  

     kills numerous bacteria and viruses on toothbrush. 


11. Sanitation when shaving

       Rinsing a razor with ozone water after shaving keeps cleanness with no germs. Ozone is  

       good for sanitation after shaving, more effective than shaving lotion with chemical  



  12. Bathroom sanitation

       Ozone water kills various mold, germs, and bacteria on the surface of tiled floor and  

        bathtub. Ozone water is much stronger than chloride sterilizer for this use. 


13. Removing odor

       Food waste in drainage of sink causes odor. If ozone water is applied, it removes the 

       cause including mold, bacteria, the odor disappears. 


14. Plants

       When spraying ozone water to indoor plants, oxygen transforms into water, which is  

       good for plants' growth. Useful microbe on root receives oxygen with plenty of  

       nutrients, which helps to accelerate the growth.